How to Buy Korean Ebooks Part II: Adding Money to Your Kyobo Bookstore Account

Do you already have a Kyobo Bookstore account? If no, please read this post first. Then, all you need is PayPal (a debit or credit card works too) and an email address.

Part II: Add money to your Kyobo Bookstore account

You should do this via a laptop or computer. 

1. Login.

Go to the eBook section on Kyobo’s website. Log in to your account.


2. Mouse over the person icon.

At the top right of the page, mouse over the person icon. If you’re logged in, the person icon will have a blue circle that says “on” next to it.

Purchasing Kyobo ecash 1

3. Click on 교보e캐시.

With your mouse hovering over the person icon, a menu will pop up. Click on 교보e캐시. It should be near the very top of the pop-up menu.

The screen should show your current ecash levels. Right now, I have only 400 won (about 40 cents) because I recently purchased two books.

Purchasing Kyobo ecash 5


4. Click on 충전.

See that button that says 충전 on the far left in bold under the logo for 교보e캐시? Click on this. It will take you to the page to charge money to your account.

Depending on how much money you add to your account, you can receive a bonus amount of ecash. For example, when I took the screenshot below, paying 20,000 won would get me 21,000 won worth of ecash.

Purchasing Kyobo ecash 2

I recommend looking for the ebooks that you’re interested in before you add ecash to your account. Check their prices! Then charge roughly that amount to your account. It’s annoying to go to purchase an ebook and then realize you’re only a few thousand won short.

Purchasing Kyobo ecash 4

This box on the side of your screen tells you a few details about your selection.

나의 현재 교보e캐시 — my current Kyobo Ecash

충전 결제 금액 — how much I’ve chosen to add

추가 적립 금액 — bonus amount added

충전 후 총 교보e캐시 — total Kyobo Ecash amount after charging

Be sure to click the checkbox between the gray box and the blue button, which says 위 내용을 확인하였으며 결제에 대해 동의합니다. This ensures that you are aware of the details above — the total amount you’re paying and the bonus amount that you will receive as a result.

Additionally, charging via PayPal doesn’t allow for any refunds, so you automatically agree to this condition by checking the box and proceeding.


5. Select your payment option (PayPal).

Now that you’ve selected how much you want to add, it’s time to pay for it! Scroll down to 결제수단 선택, which should be right below.

As a foreigner currently living outside Korea, I’ve only used PayPal. Select the PayPal option in the second line for 해외결제 or choose the 해외발행 신용카드 if you have a foreign bank debit card that is accepted in Korea. I recommend PayPal, as it is much easier to complete the payment.

Purchasing Kyobo ecash 3

6. Login to PayPal in the new window that opens automatically.

The previous step will open a new window with a PayPal login screen. Log into PayPal.

But wait — what if nothing happens? You’ve clicked but it doesn’t work? Make sure your ad blocker didn’t prevent any popup windows and try again.


7. Follow the directions in the new PayPal window to pay for your ecash.

Remember — no refunds. Double check everything.

Similarly, remember that your home currency and the Korean won may have a different exchange rate. Check the PayPal window at the top; it probably will tell you how much will actually be charged to you. At the time of writing this post, it is telling me I’ll pay $4.66 for 5,000 won worth of ecash.


8. Click pay in the PayPal window!

Purchasing Kyobo ecash 6

Once you hit the pay button, the window will refresh and display the box above. Congratulations! You’ve charged your account with Kyobo ecash! Click OK and the window will close itself.

Your original Kyobo window will display this as a receipt:

Purchasing Kyobo ecash 7


Now it’s time to go buy your first Korean ebook. Are you as excited as I am?!

I have so many book recs, but I’ll leave you with two of my personal favs for now: 언어의 온도 by 이기주 (essays on the “temperature” of language) and 조선왕조실록 by 설민석 (the best and easiest to understand overview of Joseon kings of all time).

Did you find this guide helpful? Let me know in the comments and share this with your friends. I’m all about the world reading more — and I’m all about Korean learners accessing Korean-language reading materials easily and legally.

Enjoy your reading, and let me know which books you buy!


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