Editorial, Writing, and Translation Services

I am a highly creative writer, editor, and translator who has extensive experience with writing, editing, translating, and proofreading content for others, whether it’s literary translations, CVs, LinkedIn profiles, cover letters, recommendation letters, job or university applications, and even scholarship essays.

I’ve written and edited for high school students, undergraduate students, graduate students, C-level professionals, and more. Every client I’ve helped has received their desired acceptance to a specific program or job opportunity. But I don’t put my own words on the client’s page or profile; I believe in helping others find and express their genuine voice. That’s where the magic happens.


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Freelance Editorial Services

Are you applying to college? A scholarship or internship? Trying to grab a potential employer’s attention? Not only have I helped others edit their writing and successfully apply to their desired opportunities, but I’ve also been the person evaluating the applications and running the interviews.
Payment policy: I accept half up front, half at delivery of each round of edits. Payment accepted via either PayPal or Venmo.

Turnaround time: This depends on the time of year. Spring and fall are heavy application seasons, so please contact me to determine my availability. Generally, turnaround time is within 24-48 hours, if not much sooner, but I will give you a project-specific turnaround time when you submit an inquiry.

Do not wait until two days before your application deadline to contact me. If you have a deadline less than 48 hours away when you contact me, and if I choose to take you on as a client, the rate will be doubled.

Edit for statement of purpose / personal statement / essay up to 1,000 words*

Initial pass: $25

Each additional pass: $12

*The prices for essays above 1,000 words increase by $5 for each additional 1-500 words. For example, for one pass, a 1,120 word essay will cost $30, a 1,900 word essay will cost $35, and a 3,100 word essay will cost $50.

Edit for cover letter / 300-500 word essay

Initial pass: $15

Each additional pass: $7

Edit for essay of less than 300 words

Initial pass: $10

Each additional pass: $4

Editing package for college application 

Have you written all your college app essays but you’re too nervous to press submit? Do you want to ensure that your application paints as broad and deep an image of you as it can? This package provides edits for one statement of purpose, up to four additional application or scholarship essays, and assorted short response essays of limited characters.

As I will see every essay that you’re submitting for a single school/college, I will also be able to give you guidance on how to build an application that is compelling as a whole and in its individual parts. For example, if you wrote about a specific incident in your statement of purpose, I will help you draw out an entirely different side of you in your other essays. Successful applicants are well-rounded applicants; I’ll help you demonstrate just how well-rounded you are.

Initial pass: $100

Each additional pass: $45


Freelance Writing Services

Don’t have time to write your cover letter? Worried that your writing simply falls flat and fails to convey your personality and skills? I’ll do the writing; you’ll just provide the details. You must provide your CV, the original job/scholarship/opportunity description, and at least one unique fact or tidbit about yourself.
Payment policy: I accept half up front, half at delivery. Payment accepted via either PayPal or Venmo.

Turnaround time: I will give you a project-specific turnaround time when you submit an inquiry. However, do not wait until the last minute before your application deadline to contact me.

Cover letter (approximately 300-500 words)

Cost: $60


Freelance KO-EN Translation Services | 한영 번역

I have worked in the translation field for three years on projects ranging from technical documents and cover letters to interviews and literature. As a native English speaker who is extremely knowledgeable about Korean culture and history, I always ensure that the final translation conveys the original Korean text while utilizing natural English expressions and conventions.
Hourly rate: $17/hour

Per word: $0.08

한영 글자당: USD 0.08

Please contact me with details about your translation project so I can give you a quote and turnaround time.


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