Learning a Language through Music


When you’re studying a language of another country, immersion in that language is a fantastic tool for stepping up the level of vocabulary and pronunciation. However, depending on where you live and how much money you have, immersion can be a difficult thing to pursue. How do you deal with this?

Create your own immersion. There are many ways to do this, and it’s best if you combine them all. Watch shows in your target language, listen to music by native speakers, and read books (whether they’re short picture books or full-length novels, or not even books at all, you can find them at your local library or order them from a site like HanBooks).

Music touches the soul. Listening to Korean music can really invigorate you and give you the motivation to study a bit harder, a bit longer. Because you really want to be able to sing along and understand the lyrics without looking them up. And music in your target language is a great background to whatever you’re doing. Go work out, work on homework, or cultivate a garden, or just relax into a chair and listen to something calming. All these things can be done while listening to Korean music.

If you don’t like K-pop, it’s not the end. There are lots of other Korean music genres to listen to. Do some research and find a music style that appeals to you. Then you can make a YouTube playlist of the songs, buy them on iTunes, order a physical copy from an online store, or, if you’re feeling like exploring, try the rad.io app.

rad.io allows you to listen to basically any Internet radio under the sun. Stations like seoul.fM, Big B Radio, and Kpop play a mix of the latest and greatest OSTs, K-pop, and have little or no advertising.

Ready to immerse yourself wherever you are? 그래. 화이팅!



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