Naver Open Dictionary exists (& you should check it out)


If you’re like me and are constantly looking up one word or another and jotting down its meaning, you also probably have encountered words that you can’t find definitions for anywhere. Sometimes I switch between online dictionaries (my main is Naver and Daum is my backup) in order to find more uncommon or unknown words but there are other times where even a random Google doesn’t reveal any hints as to when the word is used or how.

What then? You could either ask a Korean person via Kakaotalk or Hellotalk or you can head over to Naver Open Dictionary. Open Dictionary is a tool by which anyone can submit an unknown word in pretty much any language and ask for people to give their own definitions. This is extraordinarily useful especially if the word or phrase is slang and/or it also needs cultural contextualization.

Better yet, you might not have to submit the word that you’re looking for. It’s quite possible that someone else has already asked it and received explanations. You also don’t even necessarily have to go to the Open Dictionary site – many results will come up even if you just search in the general Naver dictionary.


WHAT DOES IT MEAN?! Oh look, Open Dictionary knows.

And here’s the best news – the Open Dictionary has begun uploading super short and cute video clips explaining slang phrases related to dating/relationships. Get today’s dose of vocab in short and adorable k-drama style videos! Unfortunately, they don’t have a huge variety…yet!

It should go without saying, but be careful; as with any site that allows user-submitted information, you may get faulty answers. If you know the correct answer, be sure to add it or upvote someone else’s accurate response. If you still aren’t sure, try asking more Koreans!

읽어 주셔서 감사합니다~

지금 재생 중:

지금 뭐해? ㅎㅎ


3 thoughts on “Naver Open Dictionary exists (& you should check it out)

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  2. NAVER Open Dictrionary is a great tool, but sometimes you can get the weirdest/funniest sentences. People just like to act stupid on the internet when they are shrouded in a veil of mystery.

    I mean contributions such as the one shared here:

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    • Wow, indeed they do. I’ve seen my fair share of those sorts of submissions…hence my disclaimer about remembering that anyone can contribute! I think the Open Dictionary is best used by more seasoned language learners for precisely that reason. Haha wow, thanks for the link and comment!^^

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