Call for Contributors

Seouldream followers, 안녕하세요! I was invited to join my friend and fellow Humans of Seoul member’s project of translating and introducing contemporary Korean writers and poets via a web quarterly. In turn I am extending the invitation to all of you. To our knowledge, nothing of this kind currently exists, so this is a fantastic opportunity for translators, lit majors with an editor’s keen eye, and webmasters with an interest in Korean literature to get involved in an exciting new project. Please see the original ad for what qualifications are needed and how to join. I am looking forward what we accomplish together!

Ahn Translation

Hello readers,

Since I was a high school student, I’ve tried to blog things I’m interested in. I failed to attract enough readers and quit blogging several times until December 2015, when I started this blog. In what is a little over a year, readers from 53 different countries have visited my blog, which I could never imagine when I was starting the blog. I remember desperately sharing my posts on my personal Facebook page to increase readers to little avail. It’s amazing how the readership of this blog surpassed my imagination merely after a year. Your encouragement and support played a great role in this journey, so thank you.

After modest success of the blog, I am thinking about embarking on a new project: publishing a web quarterly. Last month, I came across a literary journal called Monkey Business at a bookstore. It was a literary magazine that was dedicated to introducing contemporary…

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