When you have faults, do not fear to abandon them.


허물이 있다면, 버리기를 두려워말라.


Translation courtesy of Hwangssabu-nim.

Eleanor Roosevelt

자신이 할 수 없을 거라고 생각하는 일들을 해야만 한다.

You must do the things you think you cannot do.

– Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt was 대박. Quote and translation courtesy of Wise Saying on Twitter.

Abraham Lincoln

무엇을 하든 훌륭한 사람이 되라.

Whatever you are, be a good one.

– Abraham Lincoln

Quote courtesy of Wise Saying on Twitter.

Richard Bach

꿈은 반드시 그것을 실현할 수 있는 힘과 같이 주어진다. 그러나 이루기 위해서는 노력해야 한다.

-리처드 바크

You are never given a dream without also being given the power to make it true. You may have to work for it, however.

-Richard Bach (famous American writer)

Courtesy of Hwangssabu’s Twitter.


Lloyd Alexander

낙관적인 태도는 목표 달성에 필수불가결한 요소이며, 용기와 진정한 발전의 토대다.

– 로이드 알렉산더

Optimism is essential to achievement and it is also the foundation of courage and true progress.

-Lloyd Alexander

Courtesy of Hwangssabu’s Twitter. Follow him here.

The Little Things Count

안녕하세요! There’s one little way that I keep my Korean learning active, even when I’m too busy or lazy to do actual Talk To Me In Korean lessons, or practice writing in my wonderful big notebook, or when I’m so incredibly tired that I can’t even stay awake to exercise my Korean “ear” by watching Family Outing and trying to pick out words…

Well, I said one little way, but it actually ends up paying off big time. I have gradually put my language settings into Korean. My iPod is in Korean. My iPhone is in Korean. My Gmail account, my Twitter, my Facebook, and even my Skype are in Korean. It sounds scary – what if you try to change settings and delete something, or friend a weirdo, or Tweet gibberish and lose followers? Or, horror of horrors, you can’t figure out how to make your iPod stop repeating a song over and over?

It’s really not bad at all. If you’ve learned the basics of hangul, it actually is a huge help for reading. You’re constantly checking your phone, listening to music, or scrolling through an inbox that seems unending. A fair amount of the hangul that you’re reading is also not even strictly in “Korean.” For example, my iPod says 비디오 for video. “Bi-di-o”. On my phone, I tap the green icon labeled 메시지 (me-si-ji) to check my text messages. But because the other words are all actual Korean words, you begin to subconsciously pick up that 설정 is Setting and 음악 is Music.

I recommend that you don’t throw all your electronics and emails and whatnot into a big wad of semi-understandable Korean, though. Take your time. Put your iPod in Korean, where the worst thing you can do is choose Playlist instead of Artist because you forgot the Korean word. Once you’re comfortable with that, but not too comfortable, put your email in Korean. Your Facebook. Skype. Your phone. Suddenly, you’ll realize you’re surrounded constantly by little Korean lessons.

To be safe, if you commonly have settings that you change on your phone and you don’t want to be caught translating your entire Settings in a huge rush just to tweak something, make a note somewhere with carefully laid out steps of how to change those settings. I wanted to make sure I could check my data usage easily, so I made a note or 메모 on my phone that gave me the steps to checking it. I don’t need the note anymore, and I know all the Korean words involved in the process.

An extra muffin for you: When your email, phone, or iPod are in Korean, chances are that the annoying person who always snatches your phone to play with it or tries to prank you by hacking your email will have a much harder time. I can’t remember all the times someone has grabbed my phone and then, a moment later, handed it back in disappointment because they had no idea how to use it. But for you? Not in English? Noooot a problem. ^_^ 감사합니다!

A Quote A Day in English & Korean

안녕하세요!  Wonder why I use that so often? I want to get really, really fast at typing it ^_^ Anyways, I just wanted to mention something Twitter-related. I follow an account that posts a quote every single day – and the quote is given in both English and Korean. You can follow here. It’s really wonderful to read an interesting quote, often one that I’ve never heard before, and then read the proper translation into Korean, too!

Today’s quote:

Always read stuff that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it.

읽다가 죽더라도 멋져 보일만한 책을 항상 읽으라.

P. J. O’Rourke

I made the following image from a quote that was tweeted a couple days ago. The William Shakespeare quote “To thine own self be true” has always been my personal motto. I created this to help me learn the Korean translation.

Created in Photoshop 11

To Thine Own Self Be True (please credit if you remove for your own purposes)

Can’t read it? Go check out my post on how to read Korean.