linguanaut – language learning survival tips


One of my favorite quick-reference sites is linguanaut. It has over 50 languages available, but I use it for Korean and Japanese. (Depending on the language you’re looking for, it has even more than just what the Korean section includes. For example, the Japanese references include a category just for famous Japanese sayings, which is pretty neat!) Its Korean section includes:

  • basic greetings and lots of common phrases
  • hangul
  • important words (like days of the week and prepositions/positional words)
  • numbers
  • adjectives
  • a virtual Korean keyboard (but 왜요 haven’t you already gotten keyboard stickers and set up your computer’s language?)
  • survival terms (emergency, medical terminology, etc.)
  • free-and-real-human-beings-not-just-Google-Translate-making-you-accidentally-say-really-inappropriate-things translation help

Under each of these categories are tons of useful words and phrases, as well as tips. I wouldn’t suggest learning solely from linguanaut, but it’s a great supplement and quick reference site to whatever you’re already using (like Talk To Me In Korean, Livemocha, etc.). I hope linguanaut helps you out as much as it has helped me!



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