Korean literature intimidates me…


미안합니다 for the long hiatus; I’m finishing up my senior year, combating AP tests, and karate-chopping major projects while deadlines pop out of my ears….but still, shame on me for neglecting my blog!

I know you were just standing forlornly in the rain, waiting for me to post something...right?

Can you forgive me if I give you a David Tennant GIF?

Let’s be honest; while I would love to be at the proficiency level of coming-home-and-tossing-my-things-aside-and-cracking-open-a-book-written-in-Korean-by-Koreans-for-Koreans (a level of proficiency also known as fluent), I’m pretty sure I’m still at the level of rereading my favorite children’s book translated into Korean. It’s not challenging enough to teach me anything new but I have no idea where to start reading after comprehending a picture book about a 토끼 and his 아빠.

토끼 – rabbit

아빠 – father

In the meantime, however, I want to read Korean literature or books about Korea – even if it doesn’t allow me to practice my Korean reading comprehension. I’ve read heavy books like Ordinary Lives in North Korea, novels like Please Look After Mom, and a fantastic (but not focused on Korea – it looks at Japan mainly, and East Asia as a whole) work by T. R. Reid called Confucius Lives Next Door.

I just found this site for Korean lit, which made me both very excited and very intimidated; I have found the treasure! But I won’t be able to understand–wait, wait! It’s translated Korean literature, so us English-speakers can read to our hearts’ content.

"Taekyuuuung, Shwoo, and Hunky show us how it's done. If you don't recognize this GIF, go watch You're Beautiful. It's for your own good.

Time to bust some moves in celebration~

Look at all that Korean literature available online! Time to get reading…

If you want, you can also check out the original article that I found on the site.

My 노래 today…



6 thoughts on “Korean literature intimidates me…

  1. Spend like 3 minutes but still don’t know what to do with “the site”. Does it just provide links to Amazon or can I read the work for free somewhere…? The gifs are funny. ^^


    • If you click on the different titles, some of them link to another page where you can click “Download PDF” and some of them immediately start downloading the PDF to your computer. I found a couple that link to a site with the literary piece posted (so not in PDF form but just readable on the site). If you have a PDF reader on your computer, you should be able to read them. I hope it works for you! 고맙습니다^^


  2. Wow! Awesome – thanks a lot for that link to Korean LIt! I AM excited about that!!!

    Also, I wanted to say this and I wasn’t sure the best place… your blog banner of seoul is awesome. Where’d you get that from? That’s a nice city picture.


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