KakaoTalk: yet another app you need


If you’ve been studying Korean and trying to connect with native speakers on site like italki, Livemocha, or other language learning networks, you’ve probably encountered the usual, “혹시 카카오톡 있으세요?” Do you have Kakaotalk? And while yes, many people have Skype,  Facebook, or at least an email, in Korea, they also use Kakaotalk.

Kakao is a (mostly) free messaging app that allows you to send chat messages, pictures and videos, have voice calls, and send these awesome little moving emoticons – some you can download for free, some you can buy.  It’s relatively easy to set up an account, and it allows you to easily connect to other users. I use it to speak with Korean speakers. Some of my other friends use it as well, and we use it to chat instead of Facebook or texting.

Kakaotalk has numerous related apps, from drawing to games (like Anipang!) to a mini social-networking app called KakaoStory, where you can post pictures and stories, comment on other peoples’ stuff, and absorb more of your life into technology. I think I have an overwhelming count of three KakaoStory friends.

Yo! 얼마나 있나?

Basically, if you’re learning Korean, Kakaotalk is a great app, because you can message native speakers and they’re much more likely to respond – and that response is usually faster than just messaging on a language learning site. Also, it’s a great place to make mistakes and then learn from them.

Do you already use Kakaotalk? Or do you prefer to use Line by Naver Japan? I have both apps and I’m curious to see which one people like better.



{seoul} dream’s 노래 for today:

Leessang feat. Yoon Do Hyun – Someday


12 thoughts on “KakaoTalk: yet another app you need

  1. I love kakaotalk and I use it with basically all my friends (Korean and non Korean) although here in the Netherlands it isn’t popular at all. It’s probably only used by Koreans and Korean language learners, since its a Korean app after all. However since I refused to download whatsapp (A very popular chatting app here) even my dad has kakaotalk, only so he can talk with me and call me for free while I was in Korea.


    • Ah, I’ve heard about whatsapp. I’ve never tried it either^^ I already have enough messaging apps and social media platforms that I’m managing ㅎㅎ. Yeah, it’s definitely preferred by Koreans right now, though I’m curious to see if Line will gain more users (I just recently began trying out Line). I love Kakaotalk, too! Thanks for sharing 😀


    • I never heard of line before, I’m curious about it. Might download it just to see what it looks like. However I think since kakao already has so many users and it’s a great app and I love the free calling it will keep it’s users unless Line is absolutely amazing and offers better quality then kakao


    • I agree. Kakao already has such a broad user base that Line will really have to step it up to win people over…but hey, go ahead and try it! I like Line too, but I know far more people using Kakao 🙂


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  3. I have Katalk, LINE, and Whatsapp, as well as Viber… -_-. But I don’t use all.
    I like Kakaotalk but the thing is, my friends won’t download it. LOL. That seems to be the main issue with it. I’m expecting to use it more often when I go to Korea but other than that, it’s quite idle right now. I occasionally use it to talk to acquainted unnis or penpals that I had made before.
    I like LINE because of its games (Line Play, I Love Coffee). It’s so similar to Kakaotalk that I don’t bother with the messaging, but only use it to play the connected games. I used to be into Kakao games but they’re mostly arcade style, meh.
    I use WhatsApp for my Toronto friends and connections overseas, like India. I think amongst English speakers WhatsApp is popular.

    P.S.: Lol at your TOP gif/caption, haha ^^


    • Yeah, its value is definitely influenced by whether people you know also use it. I had it for a long time with only one contact, so I considered deleting it, but then I met more contacts through sites like italki and so I’ve kept it. I actually really like it (mainly for the emoticons and because you can see if the other person read your message).

      I have Line too but I only have one contact on there! I’m keeping the app for now just in case. But since the only game I ever play (and very occasionally at that) is Anipang, game access doesn’t influence me very much!

      감사합니다 for your comment^^


    • I keep Line for the games. I find that katalk games aren’t that interesting to me since they are mostly arcade-style, whereas Line has more cafe-style games.

      I think katalk is great for the read/seen feature too. And of course, the emoticons as well. ^^


    • Yeah, to be honest I don’t play very many phone games so I only really know anipang and a line game…with bubbles? I can’t remember what it was called. But I totally agree about the emoticons!!! Of course, I still have both, but my preferred app is kakao^^

      진짜 고맙다 for your comment!


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