Watching Wootso – Funny Korean Videos


Lately I’ve been looking for pages to follow that share Korean-related videos, and my favorite is currently Wootso/Goteng. Wootso is on Facebook and Goteng is the YouTube account, but they’re created by the same people. They posted far more on YouTube, but their Facebook shares short, funny clips that are great for procrastinating AND getting a bit of Korean listening practice in.

Some of my personal favorites include Zion.T going to the store…


….that subway strug-life….


….complaining about the way people use social media for birthdays…


…and definitely this video on the differences between having a conversation with a girl vs. having a conversation with a guy.


Even though Wootso joined Facebook only this year, they seem to be getting quite a substantial following. Go ahead and check them out, and procrastinate on!


Bonus Fav:


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