Hungry for Korean Food? An Interview with Burger15

안녕하세요! I’m excited to introduce my fav new Korea-focused YouTubers and longtime friends who began their channel this year. Burger15 is an enticing new look at the tastiest food in Korea, at real restaurants and cafes, with real people and without gimmicks or glamour. Just two people eating delicious food and telling you about it.  Continue reading


Story time: Gangnam Style Clubbing



It’s time for round two of story-telling. Let’s get this throwback Thursday rolling. For this story, I want to take it back to fall 2014, when I went clubbing for the first and last time. It started with a persuasive conversation with people who loved clubbing and knew me too well at the time.

“We’re going clubbing – you have to come.”

“No thanks.”

“Look, Taeyang is going to perform there tonight – you know Taeyang, right? Isn’t he in that boy band you listen to?”  Continue reading

블로그 추천: The Kimchi Bear


Shout out to my awesome friend who had remade his tumblr for his Korean self-studying journey. We’ve had Korean classes together for the past several years and he’s a pretty fly guy, so you should check out his tumblr if you feel like learning how to be fly like he is. He shares pictures of delicious food and has now started sharing Korean vocabulary or grammar points that he’s studying or resources that he finds useful. I recommend following him if you have a tumblr – then you can learn new words that are interspersed throughout whatever else you’re reblogging. Nice, right?

한국어를 재미있게 공부하세요~^^


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불닭볶음면 도전: The Korean Fire Noodle Challenge

안녕하세요 여러분!

My friend is a YouTuber (FOLLOW HER *wink wink no shame*) who has also self-studied Korean for a few years. We became friends through our Korean class at the University of Michigan last year, and recently she invited me and several of our friends to do the fire noodle challenge together.

What is the fire noodle challenge, you ask?

1. Take this:

2. Make it:

3. Eat the entire thing without drinking milk/eating anything else:

4. Question your life choices:

5. Done? Drink as much milk as possible ASAP:

What’s the catch, you ask?

Well, it’s supposed to be deadly spicy – and you aren’t allowed to eat or drink anything else until you’ve eaten the entire thing. There is a plethora of videos of people losing their minds on camera from how hot it is, and then squirting milk from their noses as they desperately try to quell the fire after they finish eating it.

Check out my friend’s video to see how we fared with the challenge, and what we thought about the spiciness 😉

P.S. Excuse the awkward. But I ask no pardon for my puns. Korean/English wordplay is my love.

읽어 주셔서 고마워요~!^^


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