25 Simple Korean words for Christmas: 크리스마스 케빈이랑 보낸다고?

I created a list of 25 Christmas-themed vocabulary words in honor of December 25th – it’s already less than a week away and I’m not done with all my shopping! Before I finish Christmas prep, I wanted to share some fun words and culture tips for Christmastime in Korea. But first, a tiny snow-person to brighten your day:


You may have heard that Christmas Day in Korea is a notorious couple holiday. Few people seem to celebrate unless they have small children or are Christians, so there isn’t much of an uptick in traffic, shopping, or general business. Instead, couples are everywhere, in the bars, restaurants, and walking the streets to take cute pictures in front of decorations. I’ve even heard that many people date just for the holiday season, so that they have someone to do couple things with. You can read more about the Christmas experience from this amazing blog.

What if you’re not celebrating with family and you don’t have a date for the holidays? This is where the movie Home Alone comes in. Remember Kevin’s misadventures when he’s abandoned at home for the holidays and has to fend off thieves all by himself? If you’re home alone like him, with no date to kiss under the mistletoe, you can tell your nosy coworkers and classmates that you’re spending Christmas with Kevin. I’m not making this up.

Without further ado, some simple and wintry Christmas vocab! Note that a lot of words are just the Korean pronunciation of English.

  1. Merry Christmas 메리 크리스마스
  2. Christmas Day, Christmas Eve 크리스마스날, 크리스마스 이브 (전야, 전날)
  3. White Christmas 화이트 크리스마스
  4. Snow
  5. Snowflake 눈송이
  6. Snowball 눈덩이
  7. Snow fight 눈싸움
  8. Santa Claus 산타클로스 (some children call him 산타 할아버지 or Grandfather Santa as well)
  9. Gift 선물
  10. Snowperson 눈사람
  11. Christmas tree 크리스마스 트리
  12. Decorations and ornaments 크리스마스의 장식
  13. Christmas lights 크리스마스 등불, 전등 ( – emphasis on them being electric Christmas lights)
  14. Carols 크리스마스 캐럴
  15. Sledding 썰매타기, to go sledding 썰매를 지치다
  16. To go skiing 스키를 타다
  17. Snowboarding 스노보드 타기
  18. Mittens 벙어리 장갑 (not gloves, which are simply 장갑)
  19. Scarf 목도리 (to wear a scarf 목도리를 하다)
  20. Party  파티
  21. Tinsel 장식용 반짝이 조각 , 금은사
  22. A sprig of holly 호랑가시나무 가지
  23. Mistletoe 겨우살이
  24. Couple 커플 
  25. 크리스마스 케빈이랑 보낸다 I’m spending Christmas with Kevin (but basically I don’t have anyone to spend Christmas with so I’m home alone)  

I compiled these myself so this is my disclaimer on accuracy. If it’s wrong, please let me know! And if you want more Christmas-themed Korean, try out these:

그럼, 메리 크리스마스!