Now or Never


It’s now or never.

지금이 아니면 안된다.

– saying | 속담

Whatever that thing is that you keep waiting to do because you’re not sure you’ll succeed, or you’re afraid of what will happen if you fail – just do it. Apply for that study abroad. Start a new book in a foreign language even if you can barely read it. You want to get better at Korean? Nothing will change if you don’t take the first step. Do it! You got this!

Translation by yours truly. All mistakes are mine. 


Begin Anywhere

Begin anywhere.

아무데나 시작해라.

– John Cage 존 케이지

I’ve been gone for about a month in order to focus on the beginning of my last year in undergrad, but I’m back! New posts to come, beginning with this Friday.

Sometimes, it’s hard to know what to do when there’s a huge pile of things that need doing. Assignments, readings, papers, blog posts. Language study. Post-graduation life prep. Where do you start? Just start. Begin anywhere, and then you’ll figure out what to do next. 여러분 화이팅!

Translation by yours truly. All mistakes are mine.

Prioritize, Don’t Compromise

네가 좋아하는 한가지 일을 하기위해서는 네가 하기 싫어하는 열가지 일을 먼저 해야한다.

In order to do what you like to do, you have to do ten things that you hate first.

Just because you don’t want to do it doesn’t mean you can avoid doing it – and avoiding doing it might mean you can’t do what you truly want to do. This goes for language study and life in general ㅋㅋ

Translation credit to @aQuoteAday on Twitter.