Finding An Online Language Partner: 언어 교환 스타일

Finding an online language partner is oddly like speed dating.

When you first chat with a potential language partner, you usually assess each other’s language level through some short, rapid messages and get a sense of who the other person is.

So, I’ve gotten familiar with the routine. College student, male, already gone to 군대 (served mandatory military time). English teacher, female, looking to improve her already excellent English. Business man, forties, looking for no, nope, gone, blocked.


It’s called the creepy side of the Internet. 

“한국말 진짜 잘 하시네요. 어떻게 배우셨어요? 한국인 척 하지마세요.”  Continue reading

italki Review

italki screenshot (not mine)


Have you been looking for a way to practice your target language? Whatever the language might be (with the exception of some really far-out, ten-people-in-the-world-speak-it languages), you can probably find a native speaker on italki. italki is a site dedicated to connecting you to the people you need. Continue reading