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Shout out to my awesome friend who had remade his tumblr for his Korean self-studying journey. We’ve had Korean classes together for the past several years and he’s a pretty fly guy, so you should check out his tumblr if you feel like learning how to be fly like he is. He shares pictures of delicious food and has now started sharing Korean vocabulary or grammar points that he’s studying or resources that he finds useful. I recommend following him if you have a tumblr – then you can learn new words that are interspersed throughout whatever else you’re reblogging. Nice, right?

한국어를 재미있게 공부하세요~^^


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Finding An Online Language Partner: 언어 교환 스타일

Finding an online language partner is oddly like speed dating.

When you first chat with a potential language partner, you usually assess each other’s language level through some short, rapid messages and get a sense of who the other person is.

So, I’ve gotten familiar with the routine. College student, male, already gone to 군대 (served mandatory military time). English teacher, female, looking to improve her already excellent English. Business man, forties, looking for no, nope, gone, blocked.


It’s called the creepy side of the Internet. 

“한국말 진짜 잘 하시네요. 어떻게 배우셨어요? 한국인 척 하지마세요.”  Continue reading

Korean Memes: 겟!짤

In my return into the world of 만화 and 웹툰 (Korean comics both in print and online), I have discovered a feature on the Naver Webtoon app: 겟!짤

Essentially it’s a place where you can peruse bad puns, comics recreated entirely through symbols, and…well, the inappropriate trolls that are common to everything on the internet.


If I pretend to care will you go away?


눈팅. The crime of all 카톡 crimes. Checking a message but not replying (so the little 1 next to the message goes away but no reply ever comes…)

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A Language Learner’s Problems (and how to solve them)

I got 99 problems and teaching myself Korean is most of them – okay, that’s not really true, and I’m not actually going to list 99 different problems. I don’t want to type that much and you don’t want to read that much – but here are some problems I’ve encountered as a self-taught language learner (as well as some tips for how to deal with these issues)!

1. I have too many different resources for language study.

How do I choose just one? My textbooks from Yonsei, Ewha, and even Klear. The endless supply of webtoons online. The part of the Naver Webtoon app where people post funny snippets from manhwa. My three books of Korean poetry, two compilations of Korean short stories, six books of manhwa. Countless purchased or downloaded TTMIK resources Continue reading

Seoul Sounds: Music Is Food For The Soul

Warning: this is rambling, a bit introspective, and entirely related to my experience of sounds in Seoul (If you want to read some points about concerts, albums and music stores, just scroll down to where it says Let’s talk about music).

How can NELL's CDs be so pretty?

How can NELL’s CDs be so pretty?

It took an unacceptable amount of time to rephrase the title for this post, so I hope you appreciate it in all its glorious simplicity and soul/seoul-iness. I am sitting here with three brand new albums (well, I was when I wrote this on October 16th) and feeling moderately victorious over surviving three of my four classes’ finals (let’s not talk about how they went, just acknowledge the fact that they’re over). I have multiple Korean exams and tests left of course, but I’ve studied enough today and I need to catch up on some blog posts!

Music is life for me. I listen to music almost constantly, although I have a deep appreciation for silence – both the kind where I am silent and I listen to the noises that the world around me creates, and the kind where everything is so silent that you can hear your own heartbeat pushing blood through your head. Silence is a beautiful thing, and in Seoul, it is rarely so silent that the latter is possible. The former, however, is a glorious thing to experience. I love sitting outside at night as the weather gets colder and listening to the wind twist through the trees and sends leaves scattering across the pavement for adorable ahjussis to sweep up in the morning. The night is crisp and alive in its own beautiful way. I don’t sit in the bustling downtown – no, I mean sitting outside near trees and buildings where people are sleeping or simply not there.

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First Impressions: Public Transportation in Seoul

ais oo


Writing this from Seoul, South Korea! This is my first post from the Land of the Morning Calm.

I arrived in Incheon International Airport last Sunday afternoon, and now it’s another Sunday afternoon and I have a little bit of time before I go to 광화문광장 (Gwanghwamun Plaza) and 동대문 (Dongdaemun). I intend to use the coming week to share some things that I’ve seen or learned this past week. Today I’m going to talk about getting around the city.  Continue reading

Pay tribute to me! Mistakes in Korean


It’s been a while since I’ve updated my Miss Interpretation section. Not because I’m not making mistakes, but mainly because they’ve been relatively boring mistakes. I haven’t said anything really inappropriate or completely grammatically incorrect in a while, but I’ve continued to make little mistakes without advancing much. Sigh. I need to get down to business to defeat the Huns and actually get back into intense studying.

Actual photo of me. I’m secretly a muscular Chinese man, but don’t tell anyone.

I did, however, have any interesting conversation with one of my language partners on Skype Continue reading

William Shakespeare Quote

Nothing will come of nothing. We must dare mighty things.

-William Shakespeare

무(無)에서는 무(無)밖에 나오지 않는다. 고로 우리는 강력한 일을감행해야 한다.

– 윌리엄 셰익스피어

Courtesy of Hwangssabu’s Twitter.

오 my goodness, what time is it?

안녕하세요…I admit that the title is cheesy. But the topic of 오 (o) and what it means is exciting! At least to a word nerd like myself.


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Someone send me back in time…

…I want to meet famous gisaengs and scholars from the Joseon dynasty. But really.

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