Speaking in Subtitles

오랜만이다! 잘 지냈어요?

I haven’t written a new post in quite a long time – and it was a long time before that post that I’d last written a post. I really need to get my act together and start actively blogging again. I thought that if I ‘took a break,’ I’d be blogging again in no time – once I had more time.

Image not mine.

And yes, college has been busy, life has been crazy, endless midterms and papers are all very awful, but it’s no excuse to ignore what I really love: writing, reading (in English) and studying Korean. And I’ve been ignoring them all far too much.

Something that has come to my attention over the past several months is what my best friend and I like to call ‘speaking in subtitles.’  Continue reading

Thomas J. Vilord

The only way to excellence is to consistently improve yourself every single day.

탁월한 인간이 되는 유일한 길은 날마다 끊임없이 자신을 개선해나가는 것이다.

-Thomas J. Vilord

Courtesy of Wise Saying on Twitter.