What is 기분이 and why is it 좋아?


Well, between being sick for a week and then being extremely busy, I’ve been too swamped to post anything lately. So what could possibly drive me to write a post?

Jay Park.

jay park joah cover

Have you heard his latest single? Joah? It’s become my anthem since I bought it on iTunes last Saturday, and I have no regrets about keeping it on repeat along with K.Will’s Love Blossom and Standing Egg’s 사랑한대 ft. Windy. Jay Park’s song came just in time to herald some sunnier days and the hopefully imminent arrival of true spring – not to mention the allure of summer…

I guess this is becoming a review of the song rather than a post about Korean meanings, but hey, it’s a good song and it makes you feel good…It’s definitely a feel-good song.

“기분이 좋아~”

Jay Park knows what’s up

Ooh, I’m so tricksy. See what I did there? You’re about to.

In Joah, Jay sings this phrase a lot: kibuni joah. 기분이 좋아. But what is this “기분이” and 왜 is it “좋아?”

According to the ever-useful Naver dictionary, 기분 means feelings or mood. And if you look at the top of Naver’s results, you’ll notice this phrase and corresponding meaning:

기분이 좋다: feel good [well], to be in a good mood

If you scroll down, you can see tons of examples of being in a bad mood, not wanting to crack a joke, or simply being in a mood if you’re one of those perpetually grumpy people.

Grumpy Cat is definitely not 기분이 좋아

Ah, but what about this 좋아, you ask? 좋아 comes from the verb 좋다 which means to be good, fine, nice, better, superior…You name it, it’s pretty darn good in 좋다’s book.

Put it altogether now and…!

기분이 좋아: I feel good

Now listen to Joah already so you can 기분이 좋아.

If you’re allergic to music videos, here’s a pretty and simple lyric video.

Note: 좋다 is not to be confused with 좋아하다. For excellent clarification of these two verbs, check out Talk To Me In Korean‘s podcast and PDF lesson.

Another note: Can’t read the hangeul in this post? Looks like you better click here first…

Have a third note because I’m feeling generous because…기분이 좋아: Here’s a site to read the lyrics if you don’t want to or can’t watch the MV with lyrics.

And if you didn’t get it from the never-ending post above this, the reason 기분이 is 좋아…

…is because Jay Park’s voice is good, his song is good, life is good, and you’re good whether you believe it or not.



2 thoughts on “What is 기분이 and why is it 좋아?

  1. I’m pretty sure I could learn astrophysics if Jay Park made a video about it… 🙂

    This video gets me right in the mushy, hand-clappy, sit-on-the-stoop-with-your-friends-and-smile feels, and I was happy to learn a new phrase from it!


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