Korean Memes: 겟!짤

In my return into the world of 만화 and 웹툰 (Korean comics both in print and online), I have discovered a feature on the Naver Webtoon app: 겟!짤

Essentially it’s a place where you can peruse bad puns, comics recreated entirely through symbols, and…well, the inappropriate trolls that are common to everything on the internet.


If I pretend to care will you go away?


눈팅. The crime of all 카톡 crimes. Checking a message but not replying (so the little 1 next to the message goes away but no reply ever comes…)

These images are created by other users within the free webtoon app (link to download for OS, download for Android), but anyone can like them, share them, or save them for their own use.


You can click on an image to make it bigger, give it a 하트 (many users caption their pictures with a small plea to 하트 their post), and even save it to your phone. The idea behind 겟!짤 is that there are times when one is reading a comic that one finds a particular relatable image or text – so why not “get” a piece and “cut” it out of context to use somewhere else?

This new feature, dubbed “웹툰 짤방 서비스” seems to have been released fairly recently. I’m enjoying using it just to look at what others have made, since I’m too lazy to make my own while reading webtoons like 천년구미호…Have you checked it out? What do you think?

Here are some other things I have 겟!짤’d:


This was quite useful on Valentine’s Day.


This is….eternally useful in my group chats.


Puns. Puns EVERYWHERE in 겟!짤.  천국인가?


One more before you go….


Rage against (or with?) the 애교. RAAAGE!

좀 재미있죠? 읽어주셔서 감사합니다^^

지금 재생 중: 


2 thoughts on “Korean Memes: 겟!짤

  1. Ah, so that’s what it’s for, sharing and commenting parts of webtoon with others (?). Thank you for your explanation.


    • Yeah, it’s basically turned into a huge collection of bad jokes and puns using snippets from really popular webtoons but it’s entertaining if you like reading webtoons^^


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