Story time: Lost on Namsan


I’m starting a new section for my blog – story time! I hope you’re as excited as I am. I plan to share my personal experiences in Korea through sweet and silly vignettes, with a new post coming out every Thursday. Basically, it’s the blog version of #tbt (throwback Thursday). 재미있겠죠? 그럼 지금부터 해보겠스니다.

I will open with asking you this: which mountain is the best mountain for eating yummy food? 남산, right? More like nom-san. You know that’s right.

During my study abroad in the summer of 2015, my friend and I went to see the Peace Minus One exhibit at the huge and glorious Seoul Museum of Art. We got discounted tickets, took tons of pictures, bought a bunch of things from the merchandise store, and wrote a deep and meaningful message in the guestbook. It was a really fun experience and we didn’t want to go home immediately, so we decided to wander the area a bit first.


Itty-bitty blue truck comin’ for yoooouu.

We walked past our subway station and kept walking and talking, but we talked more than we looked at where we were going, and eventually we were somewhat lost. It was a lovely summer evening, and as the sun approached the horizon, the air cooled off and the city become pleasant. And so we kept walking. We decided we would just walk until we came across the next subway station- after all, they’re never that far apart, right?


We ate some delicious 물냉면 here, as we needed fuel for our quest. Quest for what, you ask? Adventure!

The road we walked started to tilt upward, growing steeper and steeper until the road ended for cars but continued as an immense set of stairs set into the side of a hill steeper even than the one we had climbed to get there. At this point, we decided that we might as well explore where the stairs led to because our only option was to turn around and walk all the way back to the subway station that we had ignored.


Yes, that’s Namsan Tower peeking out at the top.

As we approached the steps, we noticed the sign – 남산공원. We accidentally had climbed most of the way up the side of Namsan, a place that neither of us had been yet and both of us desperately had wanted to see. Naturally, we made our way to the top and looked out over the city, feeling fabulous and proud of our wandering skills. Who sets out to find the next subway station and ends up on the top of Namsan? We do, my friend. We do.

The only sad part to this story is that we had no 막걸리 with us, so we didn’t sit at the top sipping 막걸리 and watching the sunset. But we still had a lovely adventure, and that’s what matters.

I hope you enjoyed the first edition of #tbt with seouldream! 읽어 주셔서 감사합니다!


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