Fear is the mind-killer


“Fear is the mind-killer.”

“두려움은 마음의 살인범이다.”

― Frank Herbert, Dune | 프랭크 허버트, 듄

Okay, so this is an incredibly dramatic quote for a Motivation Monday translation post, but I reread Dune over the weekend and couldn’t resist. And it isn’t that far off-base. After all, how often do we find ourselves incapable of simply getting something done or trying something new – chatting with someone in Korean at the Korean grocery store, for example – because we’re afraid? If we let ourselves stay afraid and don’t try the things that seem a bit scary, our lives will stagnate. Alright, I admit it. That was also in Dune. The clear, safe path leads downward into stagnation. I’ll stop quoting Frank Herbert now and let you get on with your Monday. 화이팅하세요!

Translation by yours truly. All mistakes mine. 


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