Easy Korean Texting Slang: 한국어 신조어 줄임말 목록

Jk, lmao, lol, omg. English has tons of text talk, and so does Korean. If you’ve been chatting with native Korean speakers via Hellotalk, Italki, or KakaoTalk (if you want to find a language partner, read this post), you may have seen many abbreviations already – but do you know what they mean? Over time, you’ll start to accumulate more and more text-talk acronyms in Korean, but here’s a quick and easy list to get you started on the basics!

  • ㅇㅋ 오케이 – Okay
  • ㅇㅇ응/웅 – Yeah, uh-huh (응 is informal whereas 네 and 예 are formal)
  • ㄴㄴ 노노 – “No” doubled for extra effect. Using just one ‘no’? That’s ㄴㄴ!
  • ㄳㄳ 감사감사/감사합니다 – Thanks
  • ㅈㅅ 죄송/죄송합니다 – Sorry
  • ㅇㅈ인정 – Acknowledged (This can be like saying “Yeah, agreed”)
  • ㅂㅂ바이바이 – Bye-bye
  • ㄷㄷㄷ 덜덜 떨다 – Verb phrase for “to tremble all over”. Use when shaking from amazement, fear, the frigid wintry winds…
  • ㅋㅋ크크/쿡쿡 – Keke (basic text-talk for laughter)
  • ㅎㅎ흐흐/하하 – Hehe/haha (basic text-talk for laughter)
  • ㅇㄱㄹㅇ이거 레알 – “This is real.” While it originated as a twist on the Korean spelling of “real” as 리얼, Real Madrid fans took this 신조어 further and now many Koreans use this in place of a sentence like “이거 진짜야!” ㅇㄱㄹㅇ. Don’t believe me?
    • “사용 권장 하는 말은 아니지만요…” Not sure why a show host cautioned usage. If you know why, please leave a comment so I can update this list!

If you’d like to see more list posts, let me know. 오늘도 방문해 주셔서 감사합니다!

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