So, I Made A Webtoon

It started off as one of those far-fetched ideas. “Hey, it’d be cool to write a script for a Korean drama someday. Hey, what if I made the plot for my book into a webtoon?”

This isn’t a plot from one of my books, but sure – it could be remade into a K-drama someday. In the wise words of that kid from Angels in the Outfield, “It could happen!” Who knows? Why limit myself with fears of failure?



The title: ㄹtalk (aka Real Talk. Somewhere in the distance, my friends are all cringing at my never-ending obsession with puns)

The plot: A young Korean scholar from the late 1800s accidentally time-travels to modern America and masquerades as an exchange student. With the help of an American college student majoring in Korean Studies, he navigates college life in the U.S. and learns “real English” until he can figure out how to get back to his own time and country.

The goal: teach non-textbook English in a fun way

The format: webtoon (an online Korean comic) on Naver Webtoons


Not gonna lie, my S.O. gave me the 10/10 stars. 

I won’t pretend to be the world’s best artist. I’m better with writing words than drawing faces, and sketching noses is my arch enemy. It’s been a lot of trial-and-error trying to find an art style that won’t drive my innate perfectionist mad. And I’m not sure where this webtoon will take me, or even quite sure where I’ll take this webtoon.

But that’s the fun of it.

It’s an open and uncertain adventure, and I hope you’ll join me here. Better yet, if you have a Naver account and like my work, please do rate the webtoon and leave comments. It means a lot.


Me as you flee my overwhelming awesomeness.



지금 재생 중


2 thoughts on “So, I Made A Webtoon

  1. Wow looks good!
    Didn’t know it was so easy to make a naver webtoon haha~

    U know mykoreanhusband founder also has a couple of webtoons too that r going pretty well ^^

    Liked by 1 person

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