Korean Reading Practice: College Diary 대학일기 Webtoon Review

Looking for reading practice in Korean? A friend introduced me to my latest Naver webtoon obsession. 대학일기 or College Diary is an adorable, easy-to-read look at the daily life of a college student. It’s witty and poignant, clearly drawing on the writer’s personal experiences and causing readers to comment repeatedly, “I thought I was the only person who experienced this!” Particularly in the chapter where the protagonist suffers from a massive pimple.


The comments are full of cackles and “I feel that”

Okay but seriously, look at how adorable this student singing and dancing her way to class is.


Maybe not that adorable. Are those ears? No one’s sure. But this webtoon is adorable at times and hilarious at others. Sometimes both. This one below, however, is just strange and simultaneously a great pun….


대학일기 is divided into very small chapters each with a theme, like taking an online course, or the horrors of trying to move out of the dorm swiftly on the last day of exams. It’s also a 컷툰, which means that when you read it on the Naver webtoon app, each chapter of this webtoon is read in the style of pages, rather than one long and consecutive image that the reader scrolls down. Instead, you flip the pages on the app, which really helps if you’re a slow reader building your Korean skills – it’s already broken down into very small quantities of text!

컷툰은 네이버 웹툰에서 시험적으로 적용시키고 있는 모바일 전용 웹툰 게재방식이다. 2015년 4월 2일자부터 시작해서 몇몇 신작들에 적용되고 있다. 당연하지만 PC 브라우저 상에서는 컷툰이라 적혀있는 작품을 봐도 그냥 웹툰과 다를 바 없다.”


It’s one of the more popular webtoons coming out with new chapters on Naver, rated with 9.95/10 and appearing at the top of the popularity list for Monday AND Thursday webtoons, so you can expect updates every Monday and Thursday (Korean time). Not just once, but twice a week? Now that’s awesome. 한번 읽어보세요.

It seems that someone uploaded some voiceovers of chapters from this webtoon, so if you want to add listening practice to your reading, listen here! Fair warning – she’s purposefully talking strangely to capture the oddness and hilarity of the webtoon itself.

Also, check out the extremely popular Spirit Fingers webtoon as well as my post on ways to find easy reading in Korean.

읽어 주셔서 감사합니다.

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8 thoughts on “Korean Reading Practice: College Diary 대학일기 Webtoon Review

  1. Haha! I’ve read 대학일기, too and I’m still reading 스피릿 핑거스! If I didn’t know that the 작가 of 대학일기 was female, I would have thought it’s a guy, though 😀

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    • Yaaay! I’ve been slowly trying different webtoons in search of ones to fill my time waiting for Spirit Fingers updates, so there will be more webtoon recommendation posts in the near future 😀

      Liked by 1 person

    • Will be looking forward to those posts ^^. I’m at the very very beginning level of learning Korean, and keep searching for some simple Korean posts/articles to practice my reading skills but hardly found one T.T
      Reading webtoon is definitely an interesting way. Thanks again. 고마워요 ❤

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    • Definitely check out Penguin Loves Mev, then! The initial chapters don’t have translations, but I believe all the more recent ones do, so you can check your understanding off the English that’s also provided 🙂 I used to read lots of it!

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