NYC 술집: Specialty Soju & Korean Food at take 31



I don’t usually write blog posts about food, but the yogurt soju and the nurungji soup at take 31 in New York City was so delicious that I can’t help it. take 31 isn’t in Korea Town, but it has a distinctive vibe that brings to mind backstreet bars in Hongdae and cozy restaurants in Hapjeong. Everything from the brick walls to the playlist of mostly K-indie and underground/older hip-hop gives it that perfect late-night on the backstreets of Hongdae feel.


Flavored soju, special makgeolli (Korean rice wine), and a wide selection of other types of alcohol at this 술집 isn’t the only thing that sets it apart. take 31 is literally set apart from Korea Town because it is tucked away on a narrow street a good ten or so minutes away. Amid a chill, youthful atmosphere, it serves a remarkably diverse menu of Korean food, ranging from typical Korean fare like seafood pancakes and pig feet to the amazing nurungji soup that my boyfriend and I ordered.


I had never even heard of 누룽지탕 before and didn’t understand why he started laughing at the menu.

take31 dinner 1201164w.jpg

“누룽지맨하탕?” He laughed before explaining that it was a pun that put Manhattan into the soup’s original Korean name, remaking it into Manhattan-style nurungji soup. The English menu describes it as creamy kimchi stew with crunchy rice, sausages, bacon, broccoli, paprika, and onions. Worried about trying food with a kick? This was barely spicy and felt like a comforting hug that went straight to my belly. Yum.

Image result for 요구르트

A typical Korean 요구르트 drink

We also tried the yogurt soju, which was incredibly refreshing and tasty. The name doesn’t mean yogurt in the general American sense. Have you ever had one of those cute little yogurt drinks from a Korean store? Think of that + iced soju. Again, yum.


Feeling hungry for some 한식 and 소주 yet? Check out the menu in both Korean and English here. This place is slightly pricey, but definitely worth it.

읽어 주셔서 감사합니다! 또 방문해 주시길~


지금 재생 중


2 thoughts on “NYC 술집: Specialty Soju & Korean Food at take 31

  1. Okay Im new to your blog but you should definitely blog about food! hahah. And Soju Yogurt is for me the fastest way to get tipsy (misspelled drunk)! I chug it like there is no tomorrow! lol

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    • ㅎㅎㅎㅎ 언니!! I rarely go to such delicious and unique places with Korean food but I’ll be sure to write more posts like this when I do^^ I am the biggest fan of this soju now…drinks next time we’re all in Korea together? 😉


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