Korean Slang: 엽사

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This is my first 단어! post, so I am excited to introduce my 서울드림 followers to a new blog series as I resume intensive self-study of Korean. I just graduated with a dual undergraduate degree in Korean Studies and International Studies, and I am taking a year off before grad school to work, to write, and to improve my Korean – which means regular 서울드림 posts again! Sorry, 서울드림, my thesis kept me away for too long…

Sometimes when I encounter interesting vocabulary words in shows and reading materials, I find it difficult to find their meanings – this new series aims to introduce random, interesting vocab to other self-taught students. I am also happy to answer anyone who submits an interesting, difficult-to-understand Korean word of their own.

Today’s 단어!

엽기사진 (엽사): funny photo

엽기 사진
Currently: GD’s funny photos of BIG BANG members from the past 10 years
I was watching clips from random shows on Youtube (see the screenshot of Radio Star above) and noticed the word 엽기사진 used for a segment in which members of BIG BANG shared weird photos that they had taken or found of each other. 엽기사진 can be a photo that was taken at a weird or unfortunate angle, so that the person looks funny, or it could have been altered with an app or photoshop to look weird.

엽기: bizarre

사진: picture, photo

엽사: abbreviation of 엽기사진

This word is common on talk shows where famous Hallyu stars with dazzling appearances share stories or pictures that demonstrate that they, too, are just human beings. They can look really weird in photos, too. And they, like many of us, keep albums of their friends’ weird pics so they can post them on Instagram and laugh about it.

Image result for 빅뱅 엽기 사진

Hope this 단어! post was fun and helpful! 열공!

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