Korean Slang: 작업걸다

my daneo jjang

We’re already on my third 단어! post, where I share interesting vocabulary words I’ve encountered in conversations, shows, and reading materials. I am also happy to answer anyone who submits an interesting, difficult-to-understand Korean word of their own. Time to learn about a dating-related Korean phrase!

Today’s 단어!

작업을 걸다: to hit on someone, to make a move

My Korean boyfriend recently used this phrase when talking about guys who quickly ask girls for numbers. I was confused because he used 작업, which means work or job.

“…그래서 걘 그 여자한테 작업 걸었는데…”

어잉? The guy hung up his job on the girl? He…put his work on her?


In the wise words of TOP: “나랑 같이 밖에 나갈래?”

This slang phrase is generally used when a person comes on to or hits on someone. My boyfriend was saying that the guy was hitting on the girl, implying that he’s “working” on her to get her number, a date, or something else. There are different ways of using this slang phrase:

작업에 들어가다: to come on to someone

작업거는 : in the middle of hitting on someone

As you may have noticed, you can also use 작업 with 들어가다/들어오다 for the same effect. 들어가다 should be used if you’re approaching someone else, or if you’re talking about two other people. If you’re talking about someone approaching you, use 들어오다.

그가 나한테 작업 들어오고 있어: he’s coming on to me

Useful Korean slang for all your dating needs brought to you by your friendly 단어짱er. See more examples of this slang phrase here. 감사합니다!

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