Korean Slang: 어케

my daneo jjang

While perusing comments on Korean sites this week, I kept noticing this word, 어케, popping up. Based on the context in which it was used each time, I felt comfortable assuming it was 줄임말 (a shortened form) for 어떻게. A quick google search showed that this word indeed is frequently used in forums as an abbreviation of 어떻게 – but sometimes people confuse it with 오케이. Okay? Not quite. Note that 오 and 어 really are two very different sounds, and proper pronunciation of ‘okay’ dictates the full 오케이 spelling.

Today’s 단어!

어케: 어떻게

I’m not sure you want to start saying this to your Korean friends, however – it seems more like texting slang than anything you might actually say aloud. Also, don’t start using it in formal Korean writing.

If you like using Korean hashtags on Instagram, you can view what others have posted or use #어케어케 when you’re freaking out about something or not sure what to do. 어떡해! 어떡해! Such a quick and easy 단어짱 post! 


지금 재생



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