Nabillera: Contemporary Korean Literature in Translation


The Spring 2018 Edition of Nabillera, an online literary magazine that provides translations of contemporary Korean literature, is out, and it’s a great one to check out if you’re new to the scene (or if you’re an old hat, I guess you’re welcome, too).

The Spring 2018 Edition includes short stories and poems as well as interviews with four different Korean authors. It’s great for anyone interested in contemporary literature, Korea, or issues of gender and sexuality; this edition is called “Queer Literature of South Korea“. The previous edition, from Fall 2017, is also available via the “Past Issues” tab on the Nabillera homepage.

Full disclosure – Nabillera was started by a fellow translator/proofreader from my Humans of Seoul translation team, and he has done a fantastic job of selecting contemporary Korean writers to share with an English-speaking audience. I’ve done a little bit of proofreading for some of the translations, but the heavy-lifting is all his and his volunteer team! As he is a full-time college student spearheading a substantial literary translation project, this edition is nothing short of an exceptional achievement – especially since the Korean writers are paid an honorarium.

If you enjoy the work that he and his team at Nabillera are doing, please help support the publication of the next edition.

Enjoy reading!



지금 재생 중

4 thoughts on “Nabillera: Contemporary Korean Literature in Translation

  1. Wow! Very nice find!
    I’ve been trying to find other magazines and websites that layout the latest Korean literature (in translation or otherwise) so this one is a gem!

    I also knew about Korean Literature Now as well but their website is strange so hard to follow the updates. Have you known about them before?


    • Nabillera was started by a friend and fellow translator of mine, so luckily no searching was needed to find it! As for KLI, I find it easier to stay updated via their email newsletter and social media sites (instead of regularly accessing their website). Hope that helps!


    • Yep it helps a lot thank you!
      Are you still translating for Nabillera or Humans of Seoul?
      I had a look at Nabillera’s website, and the founders website, and humans of seoul blog too. It looked really nice.

      Are you the non-Korean translator on Humans of Seoul website?
      I sent an email about becoming a translator/reviewer for Nabillera but not sure if they are still looking for people?


    • I am! Due to being busy with multiple other projects, I was a proofreader for Nabillera on previous editions but likely will be translating for the next edition. And I’m a non-Korean translator, yes. I’m not sure if Nabillera is still looking but hopefully you should hear from the founder soon! 🙂


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