Korean Slang: 마법의 날, Period

my daneo jjang

In a recent story arc for one of my favorite webtoons, 떨어지는동거, a Korean slang is featured as the title. Several chapters in a row are titled 마법, or magic.

Webtoon Magic

But this arc isn’t really about magic. It’s actually about the female protagonist getting her period – which in Korean slang is referred to as 마법. Yeah, that’s right.

Magic gif.gif

Gif from Giphy

You might also hear or see the phrase 마법의 날. This refers to the day you get or have your period.

This arc is one of my favorites in the webtoon because the protagonist, Dam, is basically stuck in bed all day being simultaneously enraged and miserable (oh the joy of 마법) while her incredibly attractive gumiho roommate does everything he can to make her feel better.

Including transforming into her and going to meet up with someone on her behalf…

Dami 2

Okay, I guess there’s actual 마법 in the arc, too. You can read the first part of the 마법 story arc here, or start from the beginning of the webtoon.

읽어 주셔서 감사합니다.


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